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Bluebeam Builds Digital Infrastructure for Global Project Collaboration

New regional cloud-collaboration servers empower customers to effectively manage project information and meet local data residency requirements in regions around the world.

Pasadena, CA (November 3, 2020) Bluebeam, Inc., leading developer of solutions and services that set the standard for architecture, engineering and construction professionals worldwide, today announced the continuing expansion of their global Studio data infrastructure, providing customers faster and more secure access to their cloud-based projects while meeting strict local data residency requirements.

Studio is a cloud-enabled collaborative space accessed from within Bluebeam Revu that allows project teams to mark-up documents and collaborate in real time from anywhere in the world, whether it be the jobsite, the trailer or – most recently – their homes. Bluebeam began expanding Studio’s global data infrastructure in August 2020 with a new Australian server joining the existing US and UK-based servers and plans to bring an additional server online in Germany in Q4 2020. Local Studio servers allow users to collaborate in real-time through Studio Sessions and manage documents in Studio Projects faster, while storing data locally and meeting local data storage laws and requirements.

“Online collaboration requires much more than just an internet connection,” said Bluebeam CTO Jason Bonifay. “While the concept of cloud computing isn’t new, data security and accessibility are more important than ever. The legal and regulatory framework that defines how we connect internationally online has matured significantly over the last few years and the drive for increased performance and security is driving many countries to implement data residency regulations that require new infrastructure. The new cloud infrastructure we’re putting in place will address the immediate issue of data residency, while also providing a more robust platform as more builders begin to collaborate digitally.”

“Digital collaboration has never been more important than it is now, with teams separated not only globally, but locally as well,” said Bluebeam CPO Roger Angarita. “Given the specific needs of builders working in and across different regions, we’ve applied our customer-centric approach to solve the problem, working directly with customers to gain a deeper understanding of the issues they face. By understanding exactly how the increasing regulatory demand for local data residency was impacting their organization’s abilities to digitally collaborate, we could partner with them to outline local solutions that addressed their global problems. And it shouldn’t be a surprise that we were able to improve overall Studio performance locally as a result.”

More information about the new Studio server in Germany can be found here. Access to this new server will be automatic for all Revu 20 or Revu 2019 users in the DACH region.

Bluebeam’s collaborative solutions that provide access to Studio are available now at and through our worldwide reseller network.

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